2020 Contract Agreement Negotiations


2020-09-23 Final call for bargaining proposals - Please submit no later than noon on September 28th.
2020-09-11 Bell Craft & Services Ontario Election Results - The following members have been elected to represent Ontario and their respective Regions.
2020-08-25 Bell Craft & Services Election Process - Timelines for the purpose of electing the next Bell Craft Bargaining Committe.
2020-08-21 Local 25 Bargaining Update-2020 Aug 21...it is critical we begin to orient ourselves in preparation for November 30th.
2020-07-14 Bell Craft Services Information Bulletin 1 - 20200714 - Rumours Surrounding Negotiations
2020-03-05 2020-03-05 Bell-Craft 2020 Bargaining Proposal Form (Please submit by April 3rd)