Local 25 Information

Unifor Local 25 and Unifor National information and documentation

Unifor is a new kind of union, one that advocates on behalf of all working people

The strength and dynamism of Unifor, at all levels, is based on union renewal. How the structures and practices of the union evolve over time; how the union is open to and receives new ideas, and how the union renews its leadership for the next generation.

A New Kind of Union

Unifor the Union is committed to good governance, fair representation and clear rules and practices.

Building stronger Local Unions

We are committed to building the strongest and most effective union to bargain on behalf of our members, working with our members to improve their rights, and extending the benefits of union to non-unionized workers in Canada.

Equity and Inclusion

Unifor is fully committed to equity and inclusion. Women, Racialized and Aboriginal Workers, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Workers, Young Workers, Workers with Disabilities and other Equity seeking groups, will be represented in all structures of the union.

Unifor Insurance

Unifor, the largest private sector union in Canada, not only helps workers through organizing their collective strength, it also tries to help workers through non workplace initiatives. One such avenue is through trying to provide the workers with reasonable insurance and the call centre is bilingual and staffed by unionized Unifor workers. For those interested, the link is www.uniforinsurance.com or call 1-877-229-4677